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20 miles

This is really not going to be fun at all.

Sure, in the beginning we'll laugh, but it's only a matter of time before fatigue sets in. And, that's when the true test begins. Although this is listed as Adventure, it's more like a test of endurance. The truth is, you're going to get bored, you're going to get tired, and you're going to want to collapse.

Why would anyone do this?

The case can very well be made that much of life is suffering — suffering through pain to find healing or suffering through hardship to build strength. In the seemingly endless pursuit of becoming a master of your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul, Life is going to send unrelenting punches to the face. By placing yourself in challenging situations [that are safe, healthy, and controlled] and overcoming them, you will develop strength and confidence to better prepare you for the battles of life.

What you need to know....


Snacks Provided


Hydration Provided

40K+ Steps

6.5 Hours




Up to 3 hydration packs


Feel like a badass when it's all done.

When: This experience can be requested for any day of the week. Ideally, we would want to conduct this experience in the dead of night [12AM] when we are already tired and wanting rest [because it makes things worse]. However, I understand that that does not work with everyone's schedule, so if it doesn't we can work something out.

Location: We will conduct this either on the Southside of town [preferably] or near Ocean Drive because there are more stretches of continuous walkways and less traffic interference.

Food: Snacks and hydration will be provided.




Bring the right shoes and you won't notice a difference; bring the wrong shoes and you'll definitely notice a difference. You know what works best for you, so bring the right shoes.


Hydration Packs

We want to be as light and as streamlined as possible, so we will opt for a CamelBak hydration system. I can provide up to 3 CamelBaks [one for you and 2 other guests] which will carry our water, snacks, and any small personal items. That being said, if you are thinking about bringing a group with more than 3 people, please have a plan for how your party will carry their essentials.

Advisory: We probably won't be able to use our legs for at least the day after.


  1. Request this Adventure for yourself or on behalf of your group.

  2. I'll correspond with you to confirm availability and feasibility [weather, terrain, etc.]

  3. Together we'll agree upon a plan.

  4. Fees are submitted via CashApp..

  5. We get our hands dirty!


  • Due to the nature and duration of this experience, it can be requested for any day of the week.

  • Requests require a 48 hours notice at a minimum. This is to ensure adequate operation and safety planning.


Don't let trivial things get in the way of your Adventure. If you need anything to make your experience go smoothly [transportation, etc.] please let me know. Within the confines of limitations, I will do my best to accommodate anyone who needs Adventure in their life.

20MI Walk — Request
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