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Here are some of the companies I will use to amass my Wealth.

The Branding Task Force™

A company helping companies and Entrepreneurs build brands.

Acquisition Conglomerate

Primarily acquire companies that have been in operation for 25 or more years.

Restaurant Group

Establish a restaurant group of 50+ unique restaurants.

Wooden Briefcases

A bespoke item for those who get what they want. A symbol of Power and a reminder of their Greatness.

Fashion Brand

A clothing line with rare or difficult to source/make materials. The best quality on Earth.

Invention+Manufacturing Plant

A place to build any invention or product imaginable.

Design Your Dream Life

An interactive workbook for identifying—then demanding—what you want from Life.

Success Document

A workbook of questions and arrangements to consider BEFORE you become Successful so that you can identify Success and know what to do one you reach it.

Custom Shoes

Shoes with a customized shoeprint. Leave behind your mark on the world.

Purpose App Idea

The world is full of brilliant people, many of us on the same path. This app helps us find our people and do more together.

An App To Access
Successful People

An acceptable way to access the attention of Successful, Wealthy, and/or busy people.

Rent A Kitchen

Have a great restaurant idea? Test your restaurant menu/concept.

A City Reimagine

Taking inspiration from the attitude and ambition of Dubai, rebuild a promising city by the sea sitting on so much potential.

Renovate An Old Mall

Renovate an abandoned mall located in a promising city by the sea and incentivize wealth-attracting tenants.

Renewable Energy

Allocate a large portion of West Texas for the purposes of Solar and Wind Farming.

Help The Rich

Help celebrities and the super rich find meaning after Success. How do you find meaning when you have won the game and "have it all" despite not feeling that way?

Grocery Store Map App

Partners with grocery stores to advise the best route and shortest distance to collect items on a grocery list.

Outside Smell Spray

Develop a cloaking product that removes or eliminates the way that you smell when you come from outside.

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