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  • Develop A System/Device/Neurological Software That Can Measure Effort
    Still being developed....
  • Prison Reform
    Still being developed....
  • Parenting
    Still being developed....
  • Raising Human Consciousness on a Global Scale
    Read the full report here.
  • Completely Eliminate Homelessness
    Synopsis Provide homeless individuals with the essential resources, support network, and opportunities to reach a place of relative stability, to be removed from homelessness, and to be strategically supported after facing homelessness. At a glance: Provide homeless with the necessities of survival: Shelter, Food, and Safety. Provide homeless with the necessities of society: Birth Certificate, ID, SSN Card. Provide homeless with the necessities of a modern world: Smartphone + Debit Card + Transportation. Adopt a zero-tolerance mentality concerning mental health. Help them identify a Purpose that benefits the world and assign them to a task that benefits the community. Give them hope, inspire them, and allow them to dream about the possibilities of what can be achieved. Assign a dream team that contains a psychologist, nutritionist, medic, financial advisor, life coach, Mentor, and Guardian Angel. Exercise limited emergency powers. Build quality apartments for the homeless. Read the full report here.
  • Developing More Effective Methods to Combat and Control Drug Use Amongst Teens and Young Adults
    Read the full report here.
  • Finding The ‘Cure’ To Wide-Scale Depression
    Read the full report here.
  • Recreating The Current Education System, Including Forming My Own School
    Still being developed....
  • Preventing Weak-Minded And Predatory Men // Redirect Predatory Behaviour
    Still being developed....
  • Desalination Plants Spread Throughout Continental Coastlines
    .Still being developed....
  • Develop A Machine That Allows One To "Step In The Shoes" Of Someone Else [Empathy].
    Still being developed....
  • Guiding Kids Who Have Survived Traumatic Childhoods
    Read the full report here.
  • Time
  • Wisdom
  • Purpose & Legacy
    Click here
  • Wealth
  • Physical & Mental Health
    Click Here
  • Love
  • Sex
  • Promotional Videos Management [In-house or Outsourced]
    From corporate training videos to promotional videos, our in-house or outsourced production teams can create functional and/or entertaining videos for your company. Capture attention. Capture market-share.
  • Slogan
    A striking and memorable phrase that when heard your brand is remembered.
  • Brand Guidelines [Brand Colours, Typefaces, etc.]
    Consistency is integral to your brand. Without it, your brand is deemed unreliable.
  • Google, Facebook, Snapchat,TikTok, LinkedIn Ads
    Your company has tons of customers waiting to purchase its product and/or service \—they just haven't hear of you yet. Paid advertising helps you reach those ideal customer quickly.
  • Branded Apparel [Hats, Coats, Bags, Jackets, Vests, etc.]
    Whether its employee uniforms or promotional merchandise, our team of designers and outsourced artisans and fabric consultants can create fresh apparel in perfect harmony with your brand.
  • Photography [Product, Service, and Corporate]
    People are picture people more than that are word people. Consumers shop with their senses. What better sense the the sense of sight?
  • Website Design
    An essential to making your brand look beautiful online.
  • Product Packaging Design
    In a retail setting, what catches the eye has a fighting chance of being selected. This is the importance of product packaging.
  • Logo Design
    An iconic identifier of your brand.
  • Basik. Marketing Materials [i.e., Flyers, Brochures, Metal Business Cards, etc.]
    All the little things that are essential for in-person marketing.
  • Mission + Vision Statement
    A direction by which your company sets its compass. The longevity and fate of your brand relies on a well thought-out Mission/Vision.
  • Social Media Page Branding
    Ensuring your brand is consistent through all mediums, print and digital.
  • Menu Design
    Creating a menu that is easy for your guest to understand and follow all while implementing psychology to increase the likelihood of sales of a specific item [higher margins, need to offload food inventory].
  • Guest Experience
    The quality and taste of the food are the second most important element in sit and eat restaurant. The first is the experience.
  • Branded Interior // Exterior Digital Display Menus & Graphics
    Digital displays from interior monitor to exterior display boards.
  • POS Systems
    Combining margins with psychology to increase efficiency.
  • Stationary Marketing [Detached]
    From signage and posters to table tents and placement mats.
  • Restaurant Online Ordering (Wix Restaurants)
    With Wix’s seamless online ordering feature, allow your guest to place takeout orders, delivery orders, and even reservations.
  • Interior // Exterior Design
    From exterior paint schemes to the furnishings inside your restaurant, trust our team of designers to source and implement a design strategy in perfect harmony with your brand.
  • Menu Item List & Naming
    It's a really neat thing when your menu can truly reflect your brand using in-line item names.
  • POS Rewards Program + CRM [Birthdays, Text Messaging, Email]
    Continuous marketing to past guest increases the likelihood of repeat customers.
  • Franchise Program
    If you're looking to franchise, investors will look for a company with an outstanding brand.
  • Food Photography (USA only)
    Guests will often eat with their eyes before anything, so having mouth-watering pictures is highly advised.
  • Exterior Signage [Permanent]
    Marking or identifying signage attached to Real Property.
  • Menu Engineering
    Combining margins with psychology to optimize profitability.

I am aware that I don’t have all of the answers and I may not have first-hand experience with all of the ins-and-outs of each problem, but this is what I feel I’ve been placed on the Earth to do.


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